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Saturday, April 30, 2016

New publishing schedule and format for SleepyHeadCENTRAL

Sometimes growth happens when you least expect it!
 SHC has a new publishing schedule and format for Sleep News curation starting in May 2016!

  • Every 1st and 3rd Friday: "Sleep News Bi-Monthly." 
    The usual links will be curated bi-monthly, though some content will be curated separately in our new Spotlight feature on sleep health and public safety (see below). 

    The next post includes links through May 5.
  • NEW! Every 2nd and 4th Friday: "Spotlight: Sleep health and public safety." 
    The CDC now defines insufficient sleep (before obesity) as the Number One public health crisis in the US. This new curation is meant to raise awareness about sleep deprivation and its public health and safety consequences.

    Included: a running of tab of drowsy driving related accidents and Start School Later efforts to highlight the importance of getting adequate sleep, as well as legal, transporation, workplace, public health, and advocacy links.

    The next post includes links through May 12.

In addition: Some headings have been dropped or consolidated to shorten the curation in order to keep links limited to the best of the web to meet our mission: to provide readers with the most reliable, practical information possible from the best sources available.

Thank you for your support! ~ The Curator